The Sweet Bohemian Life!

Live the Bald lifestyle with this T-Shirt from Sweet Bohemian Life!   I love T-Shirts, I love dark T-Shirts and light T-Shirts. I love baggy T-Shirts and I’ve found a new love for form-fitting T-Shirts as well. My all time favorite T-Shirts are Bald related T-shirts. You don’t need to wear a T-Shirt stating that you’re Bald for people to notice that you’re Bald, It’s … Continue reading The Sweet Bohemian Life!

Head Shaver’s T-Shirt

When The Hair Recedes, Let The Skin Proceed!   I love Bald related T-Shirts! Why? Well I’m Bald for one reason, and Bald related T-Shirts definitely let you show your Bald pride whenever you wear them. I have many Bald related T-Shirts hanging in my closet and I can’t get enough of them. When I found the Bald related T-Shirt from Curtis T. Bickham I … Continue reading Head Shaver’s T-Shirt

Comb Free Zone T-Shirt

No Combs needed around here!   I’m a T-Shirt guy, always have been. In fact I love T-Shirts. Just plain color T-Shirts are the best. The only thing I love more than plain color T-Shirts are Bald related T-Shirts. Why you ask? Because The Bald lifestyle rocks! I love being a Bald guy. There are so many positive points about being Bald, and of course, … Continue reading Comb Free Zone T-Shirt

BaldTees T-Shirt review

This T-Shirt is BaldTastic!!   Yep, That’s right @BaldTees T-Shirts are definitely BaldTastic! Whats the definition of BaldTastic you ask? Baldtastic is a fantastic moment in a Bald Mans life, and that’s definitely what I had when I opened my mailbox and saw a package from my new friend Erik Carlson, Founder of @BaldTees. I found @BaldTees on twitter through searching for BaldGuy T-shirts, I … Continue reading BaldTees T-Shirt review

SlyBaldGuys T-Shirt

These T-Shirts have meaning   I’ve been passionately Bald for a while now and ive got to tell you, it just keeps getting better and better. There are more companies now that cater to the Bald lifestyle than ever before. There are so many shaving creams, oils, and razors to choose from that sometimes it can be a difficult decision where you should spend you’re … Continue reading SlyBaldGuys T-Shirt

MondoBaldo T-Shirts

Bald Pride World Wide!!   That’s just one of the logos you will find on a T-Shirt from Who is you ask? MondoBaldo is a T-shirt company that sells all Bald related T-shirts, bumper stickers, bracelets and other items that any BaldGuy would love to have to let their inner BaldGuy out. I had found @mondobaldo through twitter, Baldylocks the owner is a … Continue reading MondoBaldo T-Shirts